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Thread: Support for multiple identities?

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    Default Support for multiple identities?

    Great App!

    One thing I miss from my old mail client...

    Multiple identities - My server hosts a couple of domains and I have aliases setup for my non-default domains but can't send out mail as these identities.

    Is there support for this coming?

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    An RFE has already been filed. No date yet.

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    Zimbra is really great !

    but like jimbo, I need to deal with multiple sender identities...

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH
    An RFE has already been filed. No date yet.
    I couldnt' find it...

    any news about this feature ?

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    Default relevant bugs

    Quote Originally Posted by motorhammer
    I couldnt' find it...
    any news about this feature ?
    Check out bug 6692 (select From: header from your Zimbra aliases) and bug 5862 (select From: header from an arbitrary list) and bug 4907 (From: header is automatically set to the alias the mail was sent to). Vote for the one or ones you'd like to see in the product!
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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