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Thread: Broken filtering logic

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    Default Broken filtering logic

    I have one single very big complaint about filters.
    I've created a filter for mails to a specific distribution list, but it has little effect.

    For whatever reason, when creating a filter that matches 'To' or 'Cc', it only takes into account the same information you see in the e-mail.

    For example, I have my filter set so that all e-mails addressed to get auto tagged with 'task'. However, when the e-mails come in from a few particular users, the to (or cc) headers have only a name: "Forum System". And so for whatever reason, zimbra doesn't catch, filter, and tag these mails.

    Why don't filters evaluate the entire string? i.e. "Forum System <>" is the actual legal address, so why does the filter routine ignore that fact?

    I don't personally mind that in Zimbra, when I view the message in my box it simply says "Forum System", but the filters should take all information into account. ESPECIALLY always taking the address into accout.

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    Would you please file a bug in our bugzilla so that we can track and test this?


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    Default Sort Filters

    Is there a way to sort existing filters alphabetically?

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    Yes, highlight the filter and use the move up/down button. I guess you mean automatically, the answer is no but have a look in bugzilla and file a request if there isn't one already (vote on it as well).


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