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    Default Copy and Paste Attachments...

    Anyone know a way to easily copy and paste attachments between emails? A lot of my users that are migrating from outlook to the ajax client miss being able to simply right click an attachement in an email to copy it and then paste it into a new email without having to mess about with forwarding and cleaning up the original email text.

    I have a feeling I will have to RFE this?

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    There is not a way to do that. An alternative is to save the attachment to the Briefcase, and then attach it from the Briefcase in the new message. It's a couple more steps than an Outlook copy&paste, but it will prevent the attachment from needing to be downloaded to the clients computer just to re-attach it.
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    You can chose to attach and email , which would open mail folders and from then an old email can be attached .

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    This is also a common request for our company. Does anyone know if the zimlet API gives enough capability to build this functionality?

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