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Thread: Hosting Zimbra?

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    Default Hosting Zimbra?


    Is there a way to host Zimbra on a shared web host like hostgator, godaddy etc for users to access email from anywhere?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tappa
    Is there a way to host Zimbra on a shared web host like hostgator, godaddy etc for users to access email from anywhere?
    Are you coming from the perspective of root, or the user of that shared host? :-)

    If you only have a shell account, but not root, you *might* be able to get it to work through some major hackory. The admins are also going to wander why you're using so many resources.

    Really, Zimbra is at it's best when you have root, and can set it up to be the primary Email, POP, and IMAP server.

    If you're root, this really should work, and is something I plan on doing. Your biggest issue at the moment is that the control panels in use today don't support Zimbra, yet. So, if a user tried to use one of those control panels to add mail accounts or aliases, it may do some strange things.

    However, you could probably disable the email module from most control panels, and just direct users to use Zimbra to add their accounts/aliases (assuming you have the Network version, which will support delegated administration). Or, just build your own control panel for adding email accounts and aliases, you can do it all through Zimbra's zmprov program.

    If you're a user in a shared hosting environment, without root, just bug the admins to install Zimbra for you :-)

    Have a good one,

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