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    Default License Help

    Zimbra Employees/Managers

    Our trial license has expired and my manager has inquired about purchasing a license. He did this 3 days ago and has not yet been contacted. We are now 4 days past the expiration time on our trial. I registered to get a trial license but it seems you can't keep extending trial licenses (need to reinstall).

    1) How long will I be able to run on an expired license?

    2) Can someone contact my manager so that we can give you guys money? I would think his inquiries would have been answered quicker than this.

    Please PM me for his contact information


    Doug Lochart
    Cape Computing Corp

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    I can only assume they've not received or seen the email. Try emailing them again.

    Zimbra will continue running but without the NE features, you'll just need to import a new license when you get one.


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    Default Help with Zimbra sales.


    You can reach me at We'll take care of you. Sorry for the trouble.

    Jim Morrisroe
    Zimbra Sales
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