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Thread: Web Client HTML and '$' problem

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    Question Web Client HTML and '$' problem

    There is an odd problem we're having with the HTML (non-Ajax) version of the web client. When an e-mail is composed and sent from the web client, and a '$' is included (like in '$32.56'), the '$' appears as escaped - that is, what is seen on the received message is '\$'. This does not happen with the Ajax web client, nor Outlook or Thunderbird. I haven't tried Zimbra Desktop yet, but no one at our site is using Desktop.

    Any thoughts?



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    Have you deployed any Email related Zimlet which is escaping special characters ? I hope its not a Zimbra bug.

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    What version are you running? Just did a quick test on 7.2 with HTML Standard version and the $ shows up fine at the other end (Outlook).

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