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    Default ???Resources???

    Stupid Question, but what can i do with "Recources" ?



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    Zimbra Admin guide page 57:

    A resource is a location or piece of equipment that can be scheduled for a
    meeting. The resource has its own mailbox address and accepts or rejects
    invitations automatically. Accounts with the Calendar feature can select
    resources for their meetings.

    You create resources and manage their use from the administration console.
    A Resource Wizard guides you through the resource configuration, including
    designating the type of resource, the scheduling policy, the location, and a

    To schedule a resource or location, users invite the equipment and/or location
    to a meeting. When they select the resource, they can view the notes about
    the resource and view free/busy status for the resource, if set up. When the
    meeting invite is sent, an email is sent to the resource account, and if the
    resource is free, the meeting is automatically entered in the resource’s calendar.

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