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Thread: New Line Issue

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    Unhappy New Line Issue


    Would like to report a new line issue that will occur when pressing ENTER key after the first line of the message, the new line indicator will appear right below my (auto-inserted) signature which is not desirable. In addition, I am not able to do a proper new line in the main body of my message any more. Any more attempt to do a new line will result in the same behavior as described above.

    The Zimbra version used is Zimbra 7.1.1_GA_3196 (build 20110527001604) and browser is Chrome 13.0


    Fu Yong

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    i believe it's this bug

    Bug 60748 – Newline jumping below signature

    you'll want to either upgrade to 7.1.2 or at least applie the latest patches for 7.1.1

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