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Thread: Documents - moving them

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    Default Documents - moving them

    How do I move a document from one folder to another?
    Also, where on the server do the documents actually reside? I can't even find the /home/user directories.

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    I can answer one of your questions:

    Also, where on the server do the documents actually reside? I can't even find the /home/user directories.
    Documents reside in the "store" directory along with messages.

    You will not be able to find /home/user directories because that is a REST URL. A REST URL will dynamically generate content for it.

    Read more about REST URLs in Zimbra here .

    I will be interested in finding answer to your first question, too.

    I believe, zmmailbox mi ... can probably help, X -- but can't find the Usage for it. -- X

    Found the usage: "zmmailbox help -v commands" will output it.

    BTW: if you can find out which document you want to move inside the "store" directory, don't manually cut/copy/paste it ... it has references to it in the database.
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