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Thread: Feat. Req. Don't show taken resources

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    Default Feat. Req. Don't show taken resources

    When scheduling an appointment with a resource or location on any given
    day/moment, the resources and locations tab should not display taken/busy
    locations or resources. You can, of course, see if they are taken on the shedule
    tab but if the resource or location is taken or busy you have to go back to the
    loc. or res. tab and pick an other (and hope this one is free/not taken). iT
    would be great if only the non-busy resources or locations show up in a search
    for resources or locations. Preferably this feature should have an on and off
    switch in the preferences or admin console.

    Many day to day users have requested this and this should not be that difficult to implement.

    I've made a feature request for this in bugzilla (bug 10347)


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    Quote Originally Posted by bvdbrand
    I've made a feature request for this in bugzilla (bug 10347)
    I don't know if you've done this already but make sure you also vote on the bug for it to get some attention.


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    check out these bugs also:

    Bug 7844 - improved searching for resource availability [Resource Scheduling Enhancements]

    Bug 8847 - option to automatically display resources when "find resources" tabs load

    Bug 8848 - preemptive busy notification when scheduling resources

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