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Thread: Is there a way to disable anti-spam feature?

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    Default Is there a way to disable anti-spam feature?


    Wonder if there is a way to completely *disable* anti-spam feature (incl. filter, junk folder, black/white list, etc.),

    so Zimbra won't even show the junk folder/black-white list section in preferences, etc.

    Thx... .

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    only anti-spam feature or include anti-virus feature?
    Zimbra can only disables both features.
    Disable these features in the admin's web

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    Like the first poster, I would love a way to completely disable the anti-spam and anti-virus, including not showing the Junk folder, icons, or options in preferences.

    We use a real spam filtering system, and it is confusing for some users to have the stuff showing up in the interface, when it is all disabled.

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