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Thread: Ok, this has really bothered me. Selecting an addressbook

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    Default Ok, this has really bothered me. Selecting an addressbook

    In Zimbra, you have the ability to create multiple address books to organize and separate addresses, however, when composing a message and clicking To:, you can't select any of them. You have to view a combined list or the GAL. Totally useless. Is there some technical reason this has never been implemented?

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    Our users have complained about the same issue.
    I've yet to look to see if this is in bugzilla yet.

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    Bug 32718 - RFE: Contact picker should allow selection of individual addressbook folders

    You can also select type 'contacts' on the right and start the search off by in:folder. But only if you know the name exactly - no autocomplete there yet like the the main search bar has.

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