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Thread: Specs on the addressbook

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    Default Specs on the addressbook

    Can someone either tell me or refer me to a website that will let me know how many fields can be included in the addressbook? I am really tired of anemic addressbooks that can only include a name, 1 e-mail address and one phone number....I need robust, almost as extensive as outlook itself.


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    Each contact card in zimbra can contain a great deal of info. Full and seperate 'work' and 'personal' sections with space for full address, phone numbers etc. There's even a fully freetype notes section for anything the fits nowhere else.

    No facility for adding a photo of the person or a map of the business or anything though, which I'd quite like.

    (edit: corrected misspelling of the word "work" ! )
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    Thanks! That is better than any other addressbook I have heard of. We can keep asking for better but it is enough to get started. Does Zimbra require root access to be installed?

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    check out this post for an example csv of all the fields (though it may be a little out of date)

    >Does Zimbra require root access to be installed?

    you know it, dude!

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