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Thread: REMINDERfox for Thunderbird

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    I think most of the people here used ReminderFox for fetching date entries to be informed by Thunderbird.

    I haven't checked a FULL ReminderFox <--> Zimbra Synchronisation with all possible options yet..i just had no time ;-)

    ReminderFox can also manage taks, but Zimbra doesn't. Right now RmF is only a crutch for me, waiting for the long requested requirement in Zimbra:

    • Adjust reminder alarms for EACH appointment !
    • Send reminder alarms per email to the user

    On these really simple functions Zimbra fails , which is more than a pitty, if you compare these to all the other "cool" Web 2.0 functions Zimbra can handle.

    Best regards,


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    Default Post links to bugzilla!

    When you're wishing that Zimbra would get to one of your desired features sooner rather than later, it's always a good idea to post links to the relevant enhancement requests in bugzilla. That way, if people reading your post agree with you they can click and vote for the bug.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    Yea, I'm viewing RF as a crutch while waiting for native Zimbra reminders/appt, but I was hoping that I could make it a really good crutch. As it is, it seems kind of marginal for my needs WRT integrating with Zimbra.

    For those that want to vote for flexible calendar appt reminders: Vote please -


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    Default TypeError:

    I'm having a similar problem with reminderfox and I have tried the fixes in the previous posts.

    In reminderfox when I run the network import from the options menu, I get the following error

    TypeError: reminderFoxEvents[i].summary has no properties

    I'm wondering if one of my appointments that was imported from Exchange, does not have a subject line.


    Something is downloading 99040 bytes, but nothing shows up in reminderfox.

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