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Thread: Internet Explorer unable to copy from Reply, Forward, or New Message in HTML format

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    Default Internet Explorer unable to copy from Reply, Forward, or New Message in HTML format

    To recreate, go to Zimbra in IE.
    Highlight a message and select some of the text.
    Press CTRL+C
    On my installation, the text is unselected and does not paste
    Select text again.
    Right click.
    On my installation, "Copy" does not even appear on the context menu.

    If you change the format to plain text, it allows you to copy.

    I have confirmed this on 4 different computers in IE7 and IE8.

    It works properly in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

    This worked in 5.0.16, but now does not in 6.0.5

    I found this bug, but it is from 2008 and is not specifically the same.

    Is this happening for anyone else? Has anyone found a solution?

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    I can't even edit/compose messages in HTML using IE8

    [zimbra@servmail1 ~]$ zmcontrol -v
    Release 6.0.5_GA_2213.RHEL5_64_20100202214931 RHEL5_64 NETWORK edition.
    That bug is only for "copy" function but I can't even get that far. FF3.6 and Chrome work ok.

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    Same problem here:
    usually i use firefox, but yesterday within IE8 it was not possible to copy / paste
    bye luca

    zimbra 6.05 FOSS on ubuntu 8.04 lts

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    The bug mentioned in the first post is a duplicate of this: Bug 42010 – Copy Shortcuts& Right click "Copy" is not working when a mail is composed in HTML. and was fixed in 6.0.6, you need to upgrade. You should always check bugzilla for problems and then the Product Portal for any targeted release of the fix.


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