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Thread: Sub-Folders

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    Angry Sub-Folders

    I am trying to create sub-folders, i.e. Inbox-Mine-1. The program will not allow me to create any sub-folders, even under the inbox folder . Can anyone help?

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    I see you are a Win 7 user, can I assume that this is ZWC under IE8?

    1) How are you trying to create the folders?
    Folder+ icon on tree?
    Right-click on Inbox, New Folder?
    Select Inbox, keystroke 'nf'?

    2) Does this issue occur at all times?
    When the client is freshly loaded?
    WHen you've been working for a while?

    3) When this happens, do you see the 'script error' warning in the status bar?

    Also, can you update your profile with you ZCS version, not your client OS version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonallport View Post
    I see you are a Win 7 user, can I assume that this is ZWC under IE8?
    .... or could it be Zimbra Desktop? If it's ZD which version is it?


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