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Thread: ICAL - Only the calendar administrators/delegates with permissions can make changes

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    Default ICAL - Only the calendar administrators/delegates with permissions can make changes


    I mapped in my zimbra calendar into ICAl on snow leporard upgraded from Tiger.

    The calendar mapped in fine but I cannot edit the appointments or create a appointment. I did not use the Aplle ISYNC. I mapped the calendar in manually.

    I setup the calendar in ICAL by ICAL - Preference - Accounts - Account type ( Automatic ) . Then Account type ( CalDav ) then my Zimbra server details.

    This gets my calendar mapped in, but as I said I am unable to edit the appointments or create appointments.

    The error message I get is :

    Error :
    Only the calendar administrator and any delegates with permissions can make changes to read only calendars. To make changes to the calendar , contact the calendar administrator.

    Has anyone else come across this error message ? If so how did you resolve this ? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    What rights have you given to the share in Zimbra? Did you share it with the public? A specific user?

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