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Thread: conversation span: working if mails are sent from within Outlook?

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    Default conversation span: working if mails are sent from within Outlook?


    does "conversation span" work, if mails are sent from within Outlook?
    (of corse for checking the "conversation span" we would use the

    Thank's for your feedback!


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    Yes. It's based on subject and date. So it doesn't matter where the mail is sent from.
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    I'm running into two things that intermingle... An email my mom sent me on 9/30 is shown as a conversation with an instructer sending an email to a different email address and on 9/28. So I guess the first hope would be for a way to modify what it considers a conversation so that it includes x% of the same sender/recipient matches. The other is that the instructor email was imported via IMAP from thunderbird and a reindexing of the mailbox did not fix the date and put it back in May like the message should be.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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