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Thread: Upgrade from 5.0.18->6.0 External Pop?

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    If you check the product portal, you can see it's fixed in 6.0.4 (to be released mid December).

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeoOfVenice View Post
    this bug seems Status: RESOLVED

    but I've installed version 6.0.2 and I have ever the same problem ....
    Resolved doesn't mean it's been through QA which it must before it gets released. If you wish to see which release a bug is targeted for, check the Product Portal (as mentioned above) for further details.


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    Default similar problems - not yet fixed in 6.0.5

    see Bug 46053 – CertificateException breaking external pop3s account for a detailed description.

    since the upgrade to 6.0.5 i cannot poll an external pop3s account anymore, because i'm getting an CertificateException.

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