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Thread: External POP

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    Hi Phoenix, il find the tab in the client, i was searching in the administration console. But i like is : the ZCM take the email from our external POP and save the emails locally, the client not take the email is the ZCM that should to take the email and to save in the database Zimbra

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    I've tried to use fetchmail instead of adding external accounts, but i don't know how to configure it correctly.

    I have 40 Mailboxes on my ISP that should be fetched to the inboxes of my 40 Zimbra users.
    To do so i create a user "mail" on my local machine, that should run fetchmail.
    The .fetchmailrc in /home/mail/ looks like this

         proto pop3
         auth password
         pass user1password
    When i start "fetchmail -v" it gets all the email from, but where fetchmail stores all this mails?
    I thought it should go directly to the zimbra inbox of
    What goes wrong here?

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    Ok, after waiting some minutes all the mails are now in the users inbox of Zimbra.
    But the Web-Ui is very slow when fetchmail get hundreds of emails now.
    Sometimes i can't even connect to Zimbras Interface when fetchmail is running.
    Whats wrong?

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