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Thread: [SOLVED] Attachements only get saved

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    Default [SOLVED] Attachements only get saved

    Hi all,

    Because i checked the option to save files in the open attachments dialog, i never get asked again to directly open the attachment.

    As far as i know, the Zimbra-Desktop is based on mozilla firefox.

    I am on MacOS 10.5. How to change the behavior of the attachment-dialog? In Mozilla Firefox there is a menu-item Preferences - Files.

    Also i do not want to get bothered with the download-dialog. How it could be suppressed in zimbra-desktop?

    Any hint would be appreciated

    Best regards


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    Default Attachments beaviour

    The file mimetype.rdf in the profile folder of zdesktop has to be modified for the extension pdf.

    <RDFescription RDF:about="urn:mimetype:handler:application/pdf"
    <NC:externalApplication RDF:resource="urn:mimetype:externalApplication:app lication/pdf"/>

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