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Thread: [SOLVED] Disabling the two dashes in the signature.

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    Default [SOLVED] Disabling the two dashes in the signature.


    My co-worker doesn't have two dashes preceding her automatic signature, but I do. The dashes are not part of my signature, but I cannot find an option to remove them.

    Apparently they are part of the standard Internet signature guidelines according to this article (page 13 under Setting Your User Options : Mail Tab). Whatever. They bug me, but I cannot find the option to remove them.

    I'm new to Zimbra. The login screen on the Internet states "Zimbra Collaboration Suite" if that helps. A screen shot of my Zimbra screen is included for reference. I select Preferences, and then search under all the tabs for anything, including the Signature and Accounts tabs, but nothing.

    Can anyone help remove the dashes?

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the forums,

    There's a attribute on your account, that it seems we don't expose it in end-user preferences anymore, set to 'internet' which needs to get it set to type 'outlook' (ironic).

    About the fastest way to correct this (short of having you do a SOAP ModifyPrefsRequest) may be to have an admin run this on your account:
    zmprov ma zimbraPrefMailSignatureStyle outlook

    Or a an admin/domain admin can use the admin console to un-check the box in COS/Account > Preferences tab> "Use standard Internet signature style"

    So we know what version you're running you can type this in the main search bar:
    $set:get version

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    2nd option is what I did. I have no idea how Eric's particular account got set this way since the COS isn't set to that as default.

    Anyway he's one of my users and it was a quick fix. Consider it solved.

    On a side note, we're using 5.0.9 NE on Ubuntu 6 as of this mornings update.
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    I unchecked the "User standard Internet signature" in the admin on the user's account. That appeared to do nothing, or at least that setting did not get read/pushed to his ZDesktop. There is no setting for removing the two dashes within ZDesktop. Should the zmprov command also make the change to ZDesktop?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Please check Bugzilla Main Page and if it has not been reported then file a RFE.

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