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Thread: Zimbra 5.0.7 problems

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    Default Zimbra 5.0.7 problems


    We have performed migration from Zimbra 4.5.6 ->4.5.11 -> 5.0.7, including
    Fedora -> Ubuntu. Zimbra is configured to use CAS for SSO.

    Sometimes (not always! users are not able for instance to print emails or even respond to messages i.e. when user clicks it is opened window with original email but with gray background and
    panel is not editable.

    Maybe there are some problems with session?

    Also we get following errors:

    message: ZmContactListController is not defined
    msg: ZmContactListController is not defined
    lineNumber: 10044
    stack: ()@

    ZmChatListController is not defined message: ZmChatListController is not defined
    msg: ZmChatListController is not defined
    lineNumber: 10230
    stack: ()@

    message: ZmBriefcase is not defined
    msg: ZmBriefcase is not defined
    lineNumber: 2811
    stack: ("BRIEFCASE",[object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Array],"folder")@http...

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    i got this the first time i synced via funambol.. any help?

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    Did you ever get this figured out? We're having similar issues (using CAS for SSO) running 6.0.3 on RedHat. Thanks.

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