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Thread: Events like Birthdays associated to Contacts

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    Default Events like Birthdays associated to Contacts

    One of the nice features on OSX with Address Book and iCal is that if I enter a person's birthday into their contact details it appears in iCal in the Birthday calendar. This has saved me on many occasions as birthdays are one thing I just never remember (along with other things like anniversaries).

    I can't see a similar function in Zimbra but it would be really useful for me at least. Ideally there would be an 'events' area in the edit contact dialog where you could add a date and a description like 'Birthday' or 'Wedding Anniversary'. Once this was saved there would be a calendar called Contact Events that would pull these pieces of information out and associate it with the repsective contact. That way I could look at my calendar and easily send out happy birthday emails (or remember to buy flowers) without having to manually go through the calendar and add a series of recurring appointments.

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    Good idea. Please add an RFE to our bug tracker:
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    Default Here! Here!

    A feature I would like also.

    Saw an example of this in Open-Xchange. After entering a birthday and saving the contact, a button displayed saying something like "Add to Calendar". After pressing the button a new event was placed onto the calendar that was a repeating event from now till 2026.
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    Default Same as bug 11575?

    Is this the same as bug 11575?
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