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Thread: [SOLVED] Set Default Flag "Start Week On"

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    Default [SOLVED] Set Default Flag "Start Week On"

    Hi, I'm using ZCS Cluster Version in my company. in the admin console I canīt set the default day of starting weeks, so, all the users needs to set in theirs preferences menu the Start Week On to Monday instead of Sunday.

    Here in Spain, we start working on Monday, so I want to set in some of the configuration of Zimbra Files, this option, to avoid, that each user needs to change this option.

    Is possible to define as administrator for all users?

    Thanks in advance


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    You can apply this to a COS using the following command:

    zmprov modifycos default zimbraPrefCalendarFirstDayOfWeek 1

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    thanks, i found this 1 second after posting

    Thanks again,

    with gc default i cat modify all those things and try differents options for each configuration


    Change calendar COS

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