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Thread: Add Alarm Sounds To Calendar

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    Default Add Alarm Sounds To Calendar

    Hi Folks,

    I've done a fair bit of work with AJAX over the past few years, including building some cross-platform applications that use a tool called SoundManager2 that allows your application to play sounds on demand.

    SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound For The Web -


    I don't know how many times I've had a colleague call me when I've been late for a meeing due to my Zimbra calendar silently displaying an alert on a hidden page. Audio notification is a must!


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    Please note that the developers don't look to the forums for Project Management.

    Features are added based upon 2 things:
    Paid customer demand
    Bugzilla Votes

    If you are a Network Edition Customer, please contact support so that they can tie your organization to a feature request.

    If you are an Open Source Customer, please file this request in Bugzilla and feel free to rally votes for it.

    I searched bugzilla and couldn't find this for the web client. Since none has been filed, there doesn't seem to be much demand.

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    Welcome to the forums,

    This was a while ago, but vote on it any it may just be reopened, be sure to add your comment as well: Bug 7482 - audible calendar meeting alerts

    (for mail: Bug 6625 - Audible alert on new email)

    The zimbra toaster is fast approaching as another option on the desktop side Bug 12740 - Toaster should also show Appointment reminders (though sounds aren't on the mac yet Bug 19600 - Mac Toaster: Add Sound Notification)

    You might also checkout /blog/archives/2007/02/open_source_pro.html to see how the process of getting feature requests get into zimbra works & be sure to checkout PMWeb to see some cool stuff coming in v5!
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