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Thread: Bugs/features to be fixed in version 5?

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    Question Bugs/features to be fixed in version 5?

    Hello, new Zimbra user here. We were just moved to Zimbra a few weeks ago, and I know that version 5 is to be released in Q4.

    I've been voting on some bugs and feature requests on Bugzilla that I've found in the current release, but I didn't see a place to view a complete list of bugs/feature requests that were targeted to be fixed in version 5. Is there such a list?

    Also, is there a place to view ALL bugzilla bugs ordered by number of votes? I found a partial list at Zimbra Product Portal but was curious if there was a complete listing I could peruse?


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    Hi Toaster:
    Here are the bugs that are scheduled for fixing in 5:

    The view by most voted is a great idea. Care to file an enhancement in our bugzilla?


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    Found out it can already be done using advanced search. Here is the link if anyone wanted to see it:

    (It displays bugs that haven't been fixed only)

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