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    Problem with folders created on webmail

    Hello friends

    I have the following problem. I did the installation of a new Zimbra server and I'm using the very last.

    I did the installation and configuration of server without problems but...
  2. Doug I run my server on a Xen environment, I...


    I run my server on a Xen environment, I am allocating to VPS 6GB of ram 15k ISCSI hard disk and two dedicated processors.

    I do not think it's something with the DNS for when sending e-mail...
  3. [HELP] Problem of slowness in sending e-mail via web

    Hello friends

    I'm having problems with slowness in sending e-mails via web in Zimbra Opensource 8.

    When I send e-mail using the WEB it take to send the message and returns a screen saying that...
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