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  1. Thanks Phoenix for your reply. One more...

    Thanks Phoenix for your reply.
    One more question.
    Some member of staff use smartphones and they want to be able to retrieve intranet (Internal mails) on the fly when they are not in the office. How...
  2. Installing Zimbra on a Server with 2 IPs

    Hello All,

    I want to install Zimbra on a server with 1 Live IP and I local IP. How do I go about it. How do I secure the server since it is not going to be behind a firewall. More so, what...
  3. Zimbra Server not sending mails with attachments

    hello All,
    I have some challenges with my zimbra server.
    1. I have 2 NIC installed on it (Internal and external). How do I setup my DNS. Do I setup a split dns or how do I do that.
    2. how is my...
  4. I cannot chat with my pidgin

    Hello Bidail,

    Thanks for your response. I finally got pidgin to connect to my zimbra server. it was a firewall problem that I could not connect previosly.

    Now I have been able to connect but I...
  5. hello All, Thanks for your reply on using my...

    hello All,

    Thanks for your reply on using my blackberry and smartphone to fectch mails from my Zimbra Server.
    I later got logicmail and installed on my blackberry phone. I want to use my...
  6. Pidgin and Spark IM not connecting to Zimbra

    Hello All,

    We have ZCS 5.0.22 OSS version running on my server. we decided to use Pidgin or Spark IM for chat. Installation of these IMs went successful but I cannot connect to zimbra.

  7. Connecting Blackberry and Smartphones to ZCS FOSSS

    Hello all,

    Can someone tell me how I can get my blackberry and smartphone to connect to Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition.

    What am I supposed to be able to sync my mails and...
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    Can't send external mails out

    Hello Bill and abhiz,
    Thanks for your replies.
    I installed Zimbra on SLES10SP2 with Release 5.0.16_GA_2921.SuSEES10_20090429054456 SuSEES10 FOSS edition of Zimbra.

    these are the zimbra logs...
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    Cant Send external mails out

    Hello All,

    I just installed Zimbra Mail server for use. the Intranet mail is running fine. I can receive Internet mails but cant send out external mails. I added the external domain and created...
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