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Thread: Calendar & contact Sync issue on Win 7 mobile phone

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    Default Calendar & contact Sync issue on Win 7 mobile phone

    Hi Guys, I just got a new SamSung SGH-i917 mobile phone / Windows 7 phone / ATT 3G Service

    Our zimbra server: ZCS6.0.12/Ubuntu6.06 LTS

    I setup company email account on the phone; then sync emails, contacts and calendar to the mobile phone without any problem. I can send & receive emails via mobile.

    The only problem is that the contacts and calendar events added from the mobile phone can not be synchronized to my PC's zimbra email account. Anyone has idea on this issue? Thanks in advance!


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    Does it sync to zimbra? Log on to the webclient and check there first and make sure it gets there aok. Your PC's zimbra email account should be updated from there.

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