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Thread: Outlook Migration Wizard + Contact Groups

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    Default Outlook Migration Wizard + Contact Groups

    I have an outlook user with around 10 contact groups each with 30-50 members. I recently switched her to zimbra and so far her only complaint is that she doesn't have her contact groups from outlook. I used the Import Wizard to pull contacts from outlook and import them into zimbra. For some reason it imported contact groups as actual contacts. So instead of "division_heads" as a contact group its actually a contact. How can I import her contact groups from Outlook into Zimbra?


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    I believe the inability to import Contact Groups from Outlook is a known issue/limitation of the Import Wizard.

    I don't have an exact answer for you on how to proceed. However, I just did some testing on my account with the format of the .csv file used in the Import/Export contact function on the Options --> Address Book. I exported my Address Book, which includes one Contact Group. The first line of the .csv file contains all the field headings. For the Contact Group all the names and e-mail addresses are saved in the "dlist" field. The "type" field is populated with the word "group". An example of the format of the "dlist" field is as follows:
    """John Doe"" <>, ""Jim Jones"" <>, ""Bill Smith"" <>"
    If you can somehow get your user's contact groups into this format you should be able to import them.

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    Import of contact groups is scheduled for 5.0
    Sam Khavari

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    Another related reason why folks might want to sync the GAL into their Personal Address book is if they are using the Exchange mobile phone synchronization functionality.

    Of course, a better option would be to have a setting to enable the GAL to automatically be applied to the mobile phone sync.

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    Sounds cool. Want to submit a Request for Enhancement?

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