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Thread: Calendar Reminders

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    Adding appointments to toaster would be a big plus.

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    I agree with the idea to send a message to a cell phone or pager, but do it on the server. If you are on the road a message to your desktop, doesn't help you. Customer uses Zimbra which blows the doors off of the Outlook web client my company uses. Plus M$ refuses to add in the send to an email feature (e.g. Skytel's feature) which is something that would make my life much simpler (plus I can always deny the page came through ;-) ).

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    Hey Guys,

    Any idea where Zimbra stands for the Calendar Notification? It is ridiculous that they don't provide an email notification at least. The Oracle version (10 years old) provide it!! So frustrating!

    Our customers are DEMANDING calendar notification by email!!!! (I can SMS using email. So, we JUST NEED EMAIL NOTIFICATION.

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