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Thread: "move/upgrade" the installation

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    Default "move/upgrade" the installation

    I have a zimbra (open source) 4.0.2 on a FC5 box (old machine).
    Just purchased a new beef server, and had RHEL 4 on it.
    What's the best way to "move" the zimbra from old machine to the new server?

    I am also thinking of upgrading to the latest 4.5.2 (open source). Can I just install the 4.5.2 on the new server, and somehow dump all the data (mysql, ldap, data files) and import to the new server?


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    Do a search on the forum, you'll find previous threads on this.

    But you're globaly right on the way to "move" your data : you need same version of ZCS setup on both servers (with both servers having the same name).

    I can not help on the "OSS backup/restore" part as I have not tried it at all yet.

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    Just same version of ZCS is ok? It doesn't matter if one is from 4.0.2FC5 binary tarball, the other is from 4.0.2RHEL4 tarball? especially the new server is 64 bit (old one is 32 bit), so it is 4.0.2FC5_32bit vs. 4.0.2RHEL4_64bit.

    If the answers are yes to above questions, I guess I can just do a same version "move", and then do an upgrade on the new server.

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    Follow the backup/restore instructions in the wiki.


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