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Thread: Importing all mail data with attachments from Gmail to Zimbra Mail

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    Default Importing all mail data with attachments from Gmail to Zimbra Mail

    Hi there, we are a resort in thailand, and have decided to have our own server installed however we are having difficulty in managing to import all our emails (in & out) inc all attachments amounting to 750Gig into our zimbra server.

    Is there a quick and easy way to achieve this?

    Ref internet speed : 10/10 will be 20/20 followed by 40/40 mbps over the next coming weeks as we are upgraded.

    We use a google apps account for our current service.

    We are using Zimbra 8.0.4 paid version.

    We will host two domains on the account for our resort side which has all the current data with Google apps
    & for our corporate side, already set up with Zimbra .

    Any advice on a quick painless transfer would be very helpful, thank you.

    With Regards

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    You can use IMAP Sync to migrate your mail data from Google to Zimbra.

    Guide to imapsync - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Guide to imapsync - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Quick search on Zimbra forum will help you in case you get into any problem.

    Some of the imapsync issues discussed are:

    [SOLVED] Massive migration using imapsync, don't know users passwords
    how can I use imapsync with admin access and no users passwords

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