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Thread: zcs migration wizard for domino no user found

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    Default zcs migration wizard for domino no user found

    i try to migrate lotus domino to zimbra:
    - Domino 8.5 on Linux
    - Zimbra 8.0.3_GA_5664.NETW
    - ZCSDominoMigrationWizard-
    login to zimbra, ldap and Domino ok but no user shown (neither Query Builder nor Object Picker )
    Anyone know about how this issue was addressed?

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    I experienced the same problem on ZCS 8.0.4 , and domino 8.5.3, I opended a ticket, support sent me a lot of specific migration wizard but none working, after
    a lot of time time, support said they was unable to reproduce the issue in laboratory so the problem could be Domino or Notes.
    Using an LDAP browser I can browse the domino LDAP and see the attributes but it seems tha the wizad doesn't use standard LDAP query but it execute queries using the notes API.
    I think you have to check if there is something to enable in Notes Client.


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