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Thread: Migrating qmail mail files to Zimbra

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    Default Migrating qmail mail files to Zimbra

    Hi all.

    We have been doing a manual migration of a qmail system with 1100 users to Zimbra. We have manually made all these accounts on Zimbra and moved their passwords over and everyone is sending/receiving mail okay. The only issue is there are some emails sitting in the users/<username>/Maildir/new/ that we want to move over.

    The old qmail system is pop3.

    We want to move mail from qmail to Zimbra for 844 users. I looked at pop2imap to do this but it seems like I will still have to manually create 844 folders in Zimbra.

    Your advice on the best way to go about this would be really appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    Hi Bill.

    Thanks for your reply. I looked at the mail migration wiki article earlier and that is how I had the idea for using pop2imap. Do you have any experience of doing that?

    The second link looks to be a tool to migrate users which I have already done, its just their leftover mail I want to move.

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    Hi MarcM, i used Maildir to Zimbra to migrate messages from qmail/Vpopmail to Zimbra, works fine.


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