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Thread: Replicating Zimbra messages to other server

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    Hey guys!!
    Yesterday I completed my first Zimbra LDAP replication procedure.
    This was done perfectly and now I can see all the accounts on the backup server and it appears to be working flawlessly.
    Now, I need to replicate messages from each account onto the new server. Is there an easy procedure to sync the master server with the backup server so users can have their messages on both servers in the event of a server failure?
    I need to move email messages from master server to backup server every few hours or so (sync).

    Thanks so much in advance,


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    How did you replicate LDAP..?

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    Found out a how-to on Zimbra forums. You have to enable Zimbra LDAP replication on the main server and the install a second Zimbra server and set up LDAP to replicate from the main LDAP server.


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    There is not currently a way to replicate messages to another server. Messages are still only limited to the mailbox server they are delivered to, so if you have a failure on a mailbox node you will have to recover that node. Otherwise you can use cluster software to make it highly available if you have SAN storage available (this is only supported with the Network Edition).

    Otherwise, there are some enhancement requests in bugzilla requesting sync between servers. Search for 'em and vote.
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    That would be this bug in Bugzilla

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