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Thread: Migrate Mailboxes Dovecot/Mysql/Maildir to Zimbra

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    Default Migrate Mailboxes Dovecot/Mysql/Maildir to Zimbra

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and don't have much knowledge of the interface of Zimbra yet, but I've read a lot of content.
    I'm researching how to migrate the mailboxes from a server where the MDA is Dovecot, the database is Mysql and the format is Maildir boxes.
    Today I've migrated the information from the mysql for Zimbra, User information, password, quota's OK.
    Now I'm see a way to use the imapsync tool, but without the need to pass password1 and password2 of all accounts, because are more than 2000 accounts, the password are in format Crypt at Database.
    Someone in the Forum has a scenario like mine and what was the procedure for copies of the boxes?
    I'm thinking about 3 ways to do, I don't know if it rolls..., reset the password for all accounts to perform the migration and verify if on the Console Zimbra has something like access First change your password!
    Or copy the boxes via rsync to another server, but I don't know if this will work, I don't know how it manage the home, the maildir, index, suid, dates etc ...
    Another option would be to decrypt the password for all accounts via a script ready available on google, someone knows something like this or that have done this way?

    Well that's it, now I go forward my thanks for reading and help.


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    I would recommend using imapsync to do the mail migration, take a look at these wiki articles for some more information:
    Guide to imapsync - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Imapsync from courier-imap without passwords - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    What i've done is (as Zimbra zmprov support crypt password format),
    I setup a generic password on both side and after transfer, I restored the current one.


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    Please let me know the exact procedure to migrate all the accounts & maildata from cpanel to zimbra.....

    In my scenirio i have one cpanel server with more then 500 mail accounts with almost 20 Gb mail data,in maildir and mbox format,please do the needful if anyone have the step by step for the same.


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    Quote Originally Posted by p-root View Post
    Please let me know the exact procedure to migrate all the accounts & maildata from cpanel to zimbra......
    Post #2 above has links to the wiki article for migrating users to Zimbra, have you read the wiki article or some of the threads in the forums on this topic?


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