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Thread: Paid Zimbra Support = Black Hole?

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    Thumbs down Paid Zimbra Support = Black Hole?

    Dear Zimbra Support,

    We are customers of the Network Edition for our institution and made the purchase back in June of this year. Our sales rep ensured us to have full support for our migration by reviewing the migration plan and guaranteed us full support for any technical questions that we might have.

    Well, so far our experience has been less than stellar. First of all, trying to reach Zimbra support seems to consists of one answering machine that noone ever listens to. Support tickets are left unanswered and we haven't had ANY phone support for our product at all, despite having purchased the premium support plan that is supposed to include full 24/7 support.

    I am sorry that I have to take my rant in this public forum, but at this point we don't have any other alternative to get in touch with ANYONE at Zimbra. E-mails are left unanswered. You cannot get ANYONE EVER on the phone, regardless, if you call support, sales or whomever. The entire Zimbra support experience feels like talking or e-mailing into a black hole (or /dev/null). Tickets that have been answered have been closed with one-line, non-descript responses. Wiki articles are either incomplete, outdated or incorrect. Noone ever calls you back. I sent out a full migration plan a few weeks ago and noone has ever bothered to even look at it or assist us in any way after the signature on the dotted line was signed.

    The last I heard was a few weeks ago from the sales rep, after previous concerns from our side, that "we're here for you" and that "we'll take care of you". Ummmm.... try again?

    Please contact me via the e-mail address provided in my profile for clarification.

    Thank you!

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    Hi..sorry to hear you having tough time to get the support posmised to you.
    i am sure lot of zimbra employees read this fourm, so someting should get sorted out for your soon.

    You can always ask any technical questions here on the open fourms, sometime we are faster than paid support

    i2k2 Networks
    Dedicated & Shared Zimbra Hosting Provider

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    Hi shuntphl

    We are sorry to hear that your experience so far has been unsatisfying. This is not the customer experience towards which we strive, and it is very disappointing on both sides. I guarantee you that there is no correspondence black hole and that we are dedicated to helping you; our success absolutely depends on your success.

    We'd like to discuss your outstanding issues and make sure your concerns are addressed, so we will be contacting you privately in order to plan a call with representatives from the sales and support teams.

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    Thank you very much. If only someone/anyone could work on our ticket 00041791 then this would already be a step in the right direction.

    For some reason I haven't received any acknowledgement so far and it was classified as "Possible bug" when all I asked for was a few (probably rather simple) technical questions.

    One question got answered by one of my counterparts from a different institution about an incorrect entry in the Wiki regarding Zimbra + mailman, but it would be very useful, if this fix would be made public, because quite a few people have asked for that in the forums and I haven't seen any solution from Zimbra so far.

    Thanks again.

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