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    Exclamation Recommandation Required

    Hi all,
    I have tested the open source zimbra 32 bits for redhat, and the OS is redhat 4 32 bit, I have x4200 with 16 GB of RAM.
    My question is upto what level I can have performance difference if used the same hardware with the 64 bit of OS and zimbra?
    Secondly, What will be your recommanding me, should I go for Redhat 5 or Redhat 4?
    I have 700+ users?


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    Each 32-bit process (application) running on a 32-bit application can only addresss (use) 4 GB of RAM. This means, for example, that the IMAP server can only use 4 GB of RAM. The SMTP server can only use 4 GB of RAM. The web server can only use 4 GB of RAM. And so on.

    Having 16 GB of RAM in a server running a 32-bit OS is a waste.

    By switching to a 64-bit OS, running the 64-bit version of Zimbra, you'll be able to more efficiently use the entire 16 GB of RAM. Definitely recommended to use the 64-bit versions.

    (Personally, I avoid RedHat systems.) You'd probably be best to go with the most current version of RedHat, in order to get the longest support period.

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