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Thread: Migrating from FOSS to NE

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    Default Migrating from FOSS to NE

    Guys my manager wants to move from FOSS to NE.

    But the thing is he wants to move to the NE 60 day trial and would probably go to full NE before the 60 days is up.

    My question is what steps should i follow before i do the move form FOSS to NE..

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    A) zmcontrol stop, backup /opt/zimbra (& other external directories if you've created any)

    B) Copy trial ZCSLicense.xml to /opt/zimbra/conf perms zimbra:zimbra

    C) Grab the 5.0.10 or 5.0.16 NE (it is possible to upgrade versions and switch editions at same time), extract, ./

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