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Thread: TWiki integration?

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    Default TWiki integration?

    Hi all,

    We are now using Zimbra as our Groupware tool of choice. We also have a fairly extensive Twiki implementation including a few Twiki applications which I've developed to simply a few inhouse processes.

    I am now playing around with the Notebook and Briefcase features of Zimbra to see how we can best utilise those. My ulitmate dream would be if I could just pick up our Twiki with it's 6 different 'webs' and make those 6 shared Notebooks in Zimbra. Is this doable? Would love to hear about others experiences with migrating Twiki over to Zimbra Notebook.


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    Heya Jane,

    I'm a TWiki Core developer, and I'm doing some Zimbra development work for a client - and I'm wondering if your company would like some help migrating from TWiki to Zimbra - email me -

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    Hi, we're using zimbra and twiki both. is there any progress, maybe a working zimlet already?

    best regards

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