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Thread: Migration from Outlook To Zimbra

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    Unhappy Migration from Outlook To Zimbra

    I red the migration-wiki but i'm having problems to do it.

    Whe i go to my administratio site, in download area and try to click in "Import Wizard for Outlook" its redirects me to a blank page (https://mysite.mydomain:7071/zimbraAdmin/undefined) 404 PAGE NOT FOUND.

    What could be wrong?

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    Default Same issue

    We should probably combine these threads or get the moderator to ... they really look like the same issue!

    I'm using an evaluation copy of Zimbra 5.0; I was hoping that perhaps downloading the open source version might solve this but I see from your other post that that is probably not the case. Perhaps we'll hear from the company after the labour day weekend.


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    Yeah, I think it's a bug on the package to Ubuntu 8.04. (Open Source Edition)

    I've just installed the debian 4.0 (Open Source Edition) package from zimbra website and the migrations tools are ok.

    I'd like to thanks Mike Morse who send the migrations tools to me by e-mail too.
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    The other thread about missing bits in ubuntu 8.0.4 is here :

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