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Thread: Gal Blah!!!! Argh!

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    Default Gal Blah!!!! Argh!

    OK I am finding a million requests on this but it seems as each one makes it's way through the enhancement train they end up boiling down to something different.

    I just need a way to specify what appears in the GAL. I want full control of how the address appears as long as it is valid and deliverable.

    I am having a hell of a time attempting to migrate because no one seems to know what their address is anymore and I am ready to freak.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    vīdī, vīcī, vēnī

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    Do you mean the full name or the email address part? Specific examples would help.

    To set displayed email address different from the login, set "Canonical Address" through the web console or zmprov ma

    Canonical Address is also used as the From: for outbound mail.

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