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Thread: running multiple sites alongsize simbra

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    Default vhosts with zimbra's version of apache

    I am considering moving to zimbra from exchange because I want to get away from windows servers, and was wondering if it would be possible to run other sites alongside zimbra. I am building a new web server with 2 2.8ghz xeons and 4ghz of ram, and would like to put both my email server and my web server together. I know zimbra does some stuff to apache, and I wasn't sure exactly what it did to apache, or does it install a special build of apache. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forums,
    It would be far better for you to run them inside separate virtual machines (vmware is a common one).
    But if you want the fun...
    Zimbra with Apache using mod jk - mod proxy - mod proxy ajp - Zimbra :: Wiki
    ZimbraApache - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Older docs (5.0 uses jetty):
    Using Tomcat with Apache (mod jk) - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Hosting other sites with Zimbra - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    awesome, thanks!

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