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Thread: Help configuring Exchange MAPI

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    Default Help configuring Exchange MAPI

    Having trouble setting up Exchange to allow the Zimbra migration tool access. Guide just says "You will need to create a temporary MAPI profile for the Migration Wizard to use to conduct the migration. To create a new profile, refer to the Microsoft Office documentation." Does anyone know of a more comprehensive HOWTO?

    FYI, found this thread: Exchange 2003 Migration Issues, but How to Allow Mailbox Access is beyond the depth we utilized Exchange.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Godzilla,
    Have you tried the wiki? Runing Migration Wizard - ZimbraWiki

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    Yeah. My problem is with step 5: "To continue and begin the import, in the MAPI Logon dialog, identify the MAPI profile you created for use with the Zimbra Migration Wizard to conduct the migration."

    I tried using Administrator, but per the other post I mentioned it doesn't have the right access and I'm not sure exactly how to remedy that. FYI, we're on SBS 2003.
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    The profile must have receive-as and send-as permissions. By default in Win2003, the admin is denied this permission. So, create another AD user and create a mailbox. Then, go to Exchange System Manager, go to administrative groups, first administrative gorup, servers, and right-click your exchange server. Select properties. Then, select the security tab. Select add, then select the user you just created. Give that user receive-as and send-as permisison.

    Then, when use that user during the zimbra exchange migration wizard.

    MS has a good KB article on it:

    How to configure an account to use the ExMerge utility in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003

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    I know it's really late, but I would like to add a few tidbits.

    I added my logged in domain admin with the above outlined MAPI guide, and it didn't work. I had to create a second user, and add that user to domain admin and the group that was added to the mailbox access and the other access outlined in the microsoft knowledge base article. I then had to create a secondary profile on a system with Outlook installed, and use that instead of my logged in one. However, while I added the new profile to outlook, I did not have to actually open outlook for the migration to work.

    It's migrating right now, so looking good so far.

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