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Thread: 4.5.6 Upgrade Results

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    Default 4.5.6 Upgrade Results

    Just thought I'd post that we upgraded to 4.5.6 NE last night from 4.5.5 NE on SuSE ES9 with no issues.

    It may be my imagination, but the web UI performance seems noticeably snappier with 4.5.6 over 4.5.5.

    [shameless_request_for Zimbra_swag>
    And John Holder, I hope you notice I updated my profile as well to include the 4.5.6 information, replacing the 4.5.5 info there previously! :-)
    [/shameless_request_for Zimbra_swag>

    All the best,

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    Default Warning Message on upgrade

    I have downloaded the latest version 4.5.6 NE, but when I come to upgrade by running the install file I get the following warning message:

    Warning: You are about to upgrade from the Network Edition to the
    Open Source Edition. This will remove all Network features, including
    Attachment Searching, Zimbra Mobile, Backup/Restore, and support for the
    Zimbra Connector for Outlook.

    I currently have 4.5.5 Network Edition installed on an Ubuntu server, do you know why this message is coming up??


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    I have just realised what I had done to cause this. I had extracted the new version into an old ZCS folder (must of been OS version).
    Extracted the version to a new folder and upgrade now works.

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    Default No link to download the Outlook Connector

    There are a lot fewer links to click on in the downloads page of the admin UI. Just an FYI. The files appear to be in the physical directory on the server, just not presented to the admin via the web UI.

    /opt/zimbra/tomcat/webapps/zimbra/downloads, in case anyone is searching. It's there.

    Also...nobody told me my themes would go bye-bye after an upgrade. Luckily I discovered this after only 1/3rd of my themes were gone. I know to back them up beforehand now...


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    Upgraded my Ubuntu 6.10 based Zimbra 4.5.5 OS to 4.5.6 OS tonight with no problems. 3 smooth upgrades in a row (yes I'm knocking on some wood now), woo hoo. Thanks Zimbra team!

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