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Thread: ETA on RHEL/CentOS5 Packages?

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    Default ETA on RHEL/CentOS5 Packages?

    I read that the Zimbra guys are working on a package for RHEL5/CentOS5. Do we have an ETA on that? I'm not trying to harp, just wondering. If it's still a ways away then I'll following the instructions to get the CentOS 4 packages to work.


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    Hi ajayrockrock, and Welcome to the Forums.

    We try not to release our internal target dates for packages like CentOS.

    For example, I made the mistake of posting in a thread that it would be released soon. Then, the engineering team ran into some issues that have postponed it. I learned an important lesson

    We're working to try and get ZCS 5.0 beta out on time, and fixing things.

    Soo....the answer is, we're working on it, and when we feel that it holds up to our high standards of quality assurance, we'll release it

    Of course, if you run the "tutorial", you may run into other issues for which we may not be able to help.

    Your best bet is to stay on a supported platform.


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    For the record I didn't have to do anything special to get it working on CentOS-5 *shrug* although there's nothing wrong with following the guide that was posted ;-)

    For me I ran the installation, satisfied dependencies, and never looked back. I just hope that the upgrade to packages for CentOS-5 is as clean as everything else has been so far ... I'm still sitting here (weeks later) waiting for something significantly wrong to happen and it just isn't plus I've already upgraded once


    PS: There is an entry in bugzilla Here you can sign up to be Cc:'d on

    Edit: it would seem thats already closed but there is no notes as to when the CentOS 5 (RHEL5) packages will be released. Either way it makes for a nice read
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpEnTBoY View Post
    Edit: it would seem thats already closed but there is no notes as to when the CentOS 5 (RHEL5) packages will be released. Either way it makes for a nice read
    Target milestone is Frank, which is the next major release, that's been the target for a while. There was a minor hiccup when it was thought to be ready for the 4.5.5 release but a problem occurred that couldn't be fixed in time for that, hence it's still release 5.

    I've also been running Zimbra on CentOS5 without problems about 1hr after installing CentOS5.
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