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Thread: SLES10 installation issue (split DNS config)

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    Question SLES10 installation issue (split DNS config)


    I noticed that you provide a version of Zimbra for OpenSuse 10, but NOT for SLES10... that's really surprising...

    I tried to install zcs-4.5.38GA_733.SuSE10, but it just makes my local DNS server to stop (I need this DNS for a split-DNS config... the mail server is behind a NAT).
    The problem seems to be caused by libldap, but I have some difficulties to see why, so that I could fix it.

    Just for the record, I already read several posts on the forum, but none of them gave me the answer I'm seeking.

    Please, advise !

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    There will be a version of Zimbra for SLES10 with the next major release around mid-year and at that time support for openSuSE 10 for NE will stop. Does this post help with the problem, if not then it won't work. It's also not a supported platform. Is this a Network Edition install or OSS?


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    Thanks for your quick answer...
    This is in fact an Open Source installation
    I'm happy to hear that you'll support SLES10 by mid-year (hurry... !).

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