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Thread: Multiserver with two office locations

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    Default Multiserver with two office locations


    A company has two office locations in different cities. The first location has around 2000 mailboxes on Zimbra with a Multiserver setup of one Proxy/LDAP/MTA and two Mailbox/MTA server. I think this a standard setup that many users here familiar with. The second location has around 500 mailboxes on Exchange and they will move to Zimbra (one Domain, like

    Option 1:
    Create the accounts on the Zimbra setup in the first location
    • Easy to implement

    • second location has only 10 MBit connection to the Internet -> bad user experience

    Option 2:
    Add Zimbra server in second locations with Proxy/MTA/LDAP/Mailbox on it (all mails to and from external accounts will be routed via 10 MBit/s to the MTA server of location one (this is the main MX-Server in the DNS), all mails to other Zimbra-User will be either delivered locally or through 10 MBit/s to the Zimbra setup in location one. There is a VPN between the two office locations).
    • good performance for users in the second locations
    • saved bandwidth

    • more administration work
    • more sophisticated setup

    What do you think? I have seen a similar setup in a blog post from Mozilla (especially the last image). The users in the second office will connect to there Zimbra server with a different URL (first location (reachable from internal and external networks), second location (from network of second location directly, from any other network (external or first location) they are going to proxy and will be routed via Zimbra proxy to the mailbox server in the second location through the VPN). The difference between my idea and the setup from Mozilla is: I want only one point of Internet connection (first location). All incoming/outgoing mails and also all external access to Web Client will be going to first location and if needed redirected to mailbox server in the second location accessble via and

    Thanks for your replies,

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    Hi jummo4,
    Pretty interest point, and also question.
    In my opinion both solutions are excelent solutions. I will tell me only my opinion:
    For me, have everything in only one location is better for many reasons: backup policy, hardware cost, easier to manage, etc.

    500 Mailboxes in a 10Mbps sounds like bottleneck too, consulting and accesing Webmail. So in the end, send email is important, but it will be in Background, the users will work 24/7 in the webmail interface, and is worse a slow webmail than slow outgoing emails.

    In my opinion, you need to use the Mozilla draw for your Environment because in the Second office the access is very slow to the first location (10Mbps) and it will impact in the users productivity, is better for users have a quick access to their work space (Zimbra webmail)

    Best regards

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